WestlandUtrecht Bank

WestlandUtrecht Bank

Over time, the identity started to look outdated and key communication carriers of WestlandUtrecht Bank, like the website, client magazine and two important service brochures, started to lose consistency and cohesion.

WestlandUtrecht Bank approached Positivity in 2016 to modernise and realign their identity, reassuring customers of the bank that their mortgage is still in good hands and allowing them to live comfortably with WestlandUtrecht Bank.

Established in 1969 and part of ING since 2002, WestlandUtrecht Bank specialises in the management of mortgages and insurances. ING initially aimed to sell WestlandUtrecht Bank but due to difficult market circumstances and changing legislation, this remained impossible.

Designed in 2007, the identity only had a small update in 2010 when it changed its name from WestlandUtrecht Bank Hypotheekbank to WestlandUtrecht Bank but other than that the identity has been unchanged since. The bank now focusses on the existing mortgage portfolio and clients.

Our redesign encompasses a graphic optimisation of the logo, a fresh new lay-out and graphic style, including a new set of in-house illustrations and icons and a small image bank. Positivity redesigned the key carriers and worked with Fabrique on the new website.

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