OaYeah! is something new in the delicious world of pancakes. A range of pancakes that are made of oatmik instead of cow’s milk – which makes them better for you, and better for the planet, with a 30% reduction in CO2. The crazy thing is that they also use less sugar than regular pancakes and even taste incredible too. Sounds great? We thought so too – so this really deserved a design to break the category.

This project had positivity baked into it from the start, as we were asked to create OaYeah! from scratch. That meant doing what we love most – brand strategy, positioning, naming, through to creating the entire brand identity, packaging and the off-pack world. Oh, and the tasting breakfast was also vital too ;-).

It was important to get the balance right between communicating all the positive benefits of the brand, and still focus on sheer indulgence and taste – so important in this category. The result is a category breaking new brand with huge shelf presence and personality – fresh, bright and progressive – and deliciously different.

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