Abloom is unique in how they create their organic, cruelty-free vegan skin care products. They have perfected a delicate artisanal process taking pure, raw natural ingredients and carefully slow pressing them over 3 months, never heating beyond body temperature. This preserves the natural strength and potency of the botanical ingredients, creating high integrity, ‘no-shortcuts’ products. They call this ‘Slow Skincare’.

Our brief was to create a brand identity and packaging that reflects this slow process, with the packs communicating their ‘Slow Skincare’ USP clearly. Our solution was to focus on their secret ingredient – time – and create a brand identity around the shape of an hourglass. The brand’s logo stands centre-stage on pack, proudly at the point of maximum concentration of the ingredients with copper foil details highlighting botanic illustrations.

Abloom’s meticulous attention to detail was
also reflected by allowing the ingredients listed
on the back of pack to also help tell the story –
filling up the top of the hourglass, representing
the process itself.

The result is a brand reborn, with their
packaging cleverly telling their brand story:
Slow Skincare.

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