Pacha de Cacao

Pacha de Cacao

Entrepreneur Marika van Santvoort was in need of a solid dosis of Positivity for her new start-up juice brand Pacha de Cacao. Derived from Pachamama -‘Mother Earth’ in Inca mythology – Pacha de Cacao is Marika’s personal tribute to Mother Earth.

Pacha de Cacao celebrates an ancient farmer tradition, using the fresh pulp from the cacao fruit as a new source of nutrition. In the flourishing chocolate industry, cacao farmers work extremely hard and get paid very little. That’s not right.

How come the delicious and nutritious white pulp surrounding the cacao beans is not used at all? So rather than letting it go to waste in our mondial craving for chocolate, Pacha’s unique cacao juice gives back to the Amazon and its farmers and presents the world with a great new refreshing drink!

Our design is a salute to the beauty of the Amazon jungle, home to the cacao trees  that bear the precious cacao fruit. The simple jungle illustrations in Ecuadorian colour schemes, give a true taste of the Amazon, even before tasting the delicious juice. 

The idea behind the brand language was to bring the Amazon to life off-pack by creating a paper cut jungle surrounding the juice bottle. A big thank you to 4eyes, who created the amazing photography.


Pacha is now featured in ‘Best juice packaging designs’ by DesignRush

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