Positivity is an important value for Dutch rock legends KANE, and Dinand & Dennis came to Positivity Branding to help rebrand the band for their big return. Return?! Yes, KANE is back.

KANE  split up out-of-the blue in 2014 – leaving questions unanswered, and fans hungry for more. Our task was to brand the band’s return almost 10 years later.

First to be revealed was the incredible documentary – KANE: A Story Recorded – finally revealing the truth about the band’s breakup, through never-before-seen footage shot by the band themselves.

A return after 10 years of media silence was always going to be a big challenge, and with so much content – interviews, a documentary, the possibility of touring and new music (along with an enormous back catalogue) it required a 360º approach to the branding. So we created a platform around one concept: ReKane. ReUnited, ReDiscovered, Reliving the glory days, with a story Retold. This tied together a whole media strategy – releasing unseen footage, revealing news, recordings… everything about their return.

We wanted the identity to speak to the audience in the same way the band does – KANE is a rock band that’s accessible after all – it’s not Slipknot. The logo sits at the heart of the identity – powerful, strong and created from a few simple shapes into something solid, bold and accessible. They’ve created some real rock anthems over the years so the identity (and logo especially) should also be a kind of visual anthem – really punchy bold and memorable, but not aggressive.

We’re truly thankful to Dennis & Dinand for a fabulous collaboration – a legendary band, now with a legendary brand. KANE is rocking once again!

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