Leidseplein is one of the most well known day life and night life areas of Amsterdam, and probably The Netherlands. For years the area has struggled with an image problem, leaving ‘Amsterdammers’ to generally avoid the area. Positivity was granted the super challenging task to give the Leidseplein back to the people of Amsterdam and we happily took on this great opportunity.

The new theater district

Our solution was to reposition and rebrand the area, leveraging the unique characteristics of Leidseplein and making them cool and relevant for the citizens of Amsterdam. Newly positioned as the theater district: Leidsebuurt Theaterbuurt (theater district) is a cultural crossroad where a rich offer of film, pop stages and theater, can be endlessly combined with a great diversity of food & drinks. The new Leidsebuurt Theaterbuurt logo – derived from the central red cross of Amsterdam’s iconic ‘3 red crosses’ logo – is the anchor-point of the new branding, showing how the ‘Leidsebuurt’ crosses over with ‘Theaterbuurt’. Using the same thinking, endless thematic sub-logo’s can be made to illustrate the great diversity of combining culture with food & drinks. The branding is supported by a colourful and vivid colour palette

Bloody Hamlet & Bloody Mary’s

To strengthen the new positioning and branding, Positivity collaborated with agency Lemon Scented Tea to create the new ‘Het kan alle kanten op‘ (translation: any which way) campaign, inviting citizens of Amsterdam (and Holland) to experience the endless cultural x horeca combinations. From diner to theater, ‘bitterballen’ to stand-up, concert to cocktails, it can go any which way in the Leidsebuurt Theaterbuurt. Two short movies were made, as well as a poster campaign throughout Amsterdam. 

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