ALEMBIQ is a great new brand from Madrid that offers pre-mixed cocktail classics in true modern craft style. They are the beautiful blend of high quality spirits from an urban distillery in Madrid, pre-mixed with the typical ingredients that make the classic Manhattan, Negroni and Espresso Martini.

Positioned as ‘urban pre-crafted cocktails‘ we created the dashing modern-classic visual identity and packaging design, garnished with a new iconic logo. Each design is cleverly crafted, reflecting how the cocktail ingredients are blended by mashing up classic labels, with each cocktail classic ‘distilled’ into its own classic glass. Fun details about the origin of each cocktail – like the Italian Count Negroni – were also incorporated into the design, following through to the often neglected back label. 

We then created several key visuals, expressing the crafty modern-classic and fun character of the brand, inspired by the brands owner. 

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