Creating a game-changer to become the world’s most loved Vegan brand

But how do you talk about something that looks like cheese, cooks like cheese and tastes like cheese, without using the word ‘cheese’?

Together with Brand Strategy guru Peter Economides, Violife approached us with this very exciting challenge, with the additional task that the new brand needs to break the category, and conquer both the US and European markets.

Just as Vegetarian and organic products have become mainstream, Violife wanted to help veganism go from niche to become an everyday choice, and that meant tapping into the trends of flexitarianism and Clean Food. With such a fantastic product, we had to find a way for vegetarians and flexitarians to overcome their preconceptions, without losing authentic vegans who are naturally cautious of mainstream brands.

Positivity came up with the concept of ‘Harmless’ as a neutral platform for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and for all the family – knowing that households often have to cater to multiple diets. Vegan products are harmless by nature – there’s no harm in eating vegan and Violife products are just like real cheese, only harmless. Powerfully simple, Harmless is an honest, accessible claim that does not over-promise and it became the foundation for our branding and brand communication. Harmless also captures how veganism has become an accepted dietary choice for many.

Without big advertising budgets Violife’s packs need to do all the talking, so we created a playful, informative design around a ‘Free from’ message.

On shelves dominated by blue and white dairy look-a-like’s, our dark grey packs with bright aqua text bubbles create huge stand-out and bring much needed modernity and cool to the category – both essential parts of the brief.

With a huge growing range of products across 14 countries and in multiple languages we created a packaging architecture and product naming system that allowed a highly flexible yet consistent implementation.

And best of all, we created a cool brand that is outperforming expectations and breaking through into the mainstream, helping make Violife one of the world’s biggest and most loved vegan brands.

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