The Hyve

The Hyve

Encouraging & enabling open science


The Hyve is an International data and service provider based in Utrecht in The Netherlands. Their ultimate goal is to empower Life Sciences to work together towards better health. In short, The Hyve helps life science organisations unlock the full potential of their data, through open source technologies and expert consulting. Open source software, mentality and collaboration is key to achieving that goal. 

Their previous identity was too soft and passive in order to fully support the The Hyve identity and culture, and as their business is highly complex and diverse it was a challenge to capture their brand essence. Positivity succeeded in helping The Hyve to define a new and compelling strategic identity, followed by a complete redesign of their brand identity. Taking an open mind and approach towards collaboration was essential to reaching such a successful tailored design.

Positivity created the key brand and communication carriers as well as the brand identity animation that was used for the launch. The new Hyve’s website was developed by our friends at Digital Natives. Mixing the rational side of science in the creative mix of branding lead to a unique, bespoke identity.

The Hyve and Positivity valued the process so much that we decided to develop a “Making Of’ movie together, taking the audience behind the scenes of brand creation from both a client and agency perspective.

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