Optiver is one of the oldest market-making firms in the world and has since 1986 grown as a proprietary trading firm to a leading position, making financial markets more efficient, transparent and stable. Celebrating their 35th Anniversary felt like the perfect time to rebrand the company, turning to Positivity to ensure that the new brand identity has the confidence and gravitas to reflect Optiver’s established reputation and leadership.

Key to the evolutionary redesign of the logo was to keep but evolve the orange delta as Optiver’s brand icon, whilst improving and modernising the logotype to create a new solid, fresh and digital-proof logo. Clear logo placement principles now also secure a consistent application of the logo. The rest of the identity has been fully revamped, creating a very ownable style and language for Optiver, including the distinct and multi-applicable graphic pattern.

Driven by technology but powered by people, Optiver employs over 1,600 people, working from 9 offices all over the world. Attracting such immensely talented people needs continuous recruitment and part of the overall rebranding assignment was to also create the recruitment expression of the brand. Positivity achieved this by applying a different and more informal scheme of the same colour palette, prominent use of employee photography in combination with a more loose use of the graphic pattern.

We design directed the entire full implementation of the identity, creating guidelines and master files from MS Office templates, to Annual Reports, to merchandising, signing and exhibition design. The corporate animation to introduce the new identity was done in-house. Positivity handed over the design look & feel to Rip + Tear, who designed and developed the amazing new website. The overall result is a bold and confident new identity, matching Optiver’s excellence and leadership.

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