Met Miljuschka

Logo animation made on our own initiative.

Miljuschka Witzenhausen is a well-known Dutch presenter,
vj, actress and tv-chef. As an up and coming food-influencer
in 2017, she approached us to develop a personal
brand identity for her.

Her fun and outgoing personality, combined with a homely
setting and frank approach, gave us all the ingredients we
needed to design the brand. But we went a step further and
created a concept that was the start of a branded platform.
‘Met Miljuschka’ offers the opportunity to connect and
collaborate ‘with Miljuschka’ beyond cooking.

Miljuschka makes cooking fun and easy, everyday.
Our concept “Elke dag lekker koken met Miljuschka”
(daily delightful cooking with Miljuschka) shows
the joy and ease of cooking.

The kooky logo we designed for her, presents
a mouth-watering letter ‘m’, matching well with Miljuschka’s
cheeky personality and what she brings to the table.
Designed to also work as an endorsed brand, this logo
enables companies, platforms and services
to collaborate ‘with Miljuschka’.

Miljuschka now has her own cooking site,
line of tableware and kitchen textiles in partnership
with Mil&Match and she recently launched her own magazine.
The recipe of success with some delicious personal branding!

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