Farm Brothers

Farm Brothers

Farm Brothers bake delicious organic cookies in a range of cool, funky flavours.
They also have a really great mission to support organic farmers by improving soil health –
with each pack contributing directly to this fabulous cause. So our challenge was
to communicate this mission as well as delivering on taste. Cookies on a mission
to save the earth – what’s not to love?

Mission concept

Making a mission around organic soil health appealing on cookies was
quite a challenge. So we created a concept based on Scout’s patches – just as scouts
sell cookies for good causes. Our approach embodied ‘soft activism’ –
simple patches that proudly display the brand’s passion for their mission,
without being too dominant on-pack.

The Kids range

The Kids cookies come in fun animal shapes, and so we got playful with them too –
showing them having farm adventures and using our patches in a fun way.
The brands blue colour became sky, highlighting the benefit
of a healthy outdoors lifestyle for parents.

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