Batavia Cold Drip Coffee

Batavia Cold Drip Coffee

The origin of cold drip coffee dates to the time of the Dutch East India Company, where Dutch traders wishing to take large amounts of coffee during their long sea journeys discovered cold coffee stayed refreshing for longer. The coffee became known as Dutch Coffee in countries that the Dutch traded with in Asia. In The Netherlands however, this refreshing coffee has remained largely undiscovered.

Until one day in South-Korea, the founders of Batavia Coffee tried cold drip coffee and they were blown away by the intensity and richness of the coffee. This was the start of a new venture, a mission to return cold-drip coffee to The Netherlands to let the Dutch enjoy the true intense flavour of coffee once again.

The ingredients for a good cold drip coffee are simple: ice cold water and freshly grounded coffee. Batavia uses great quality coffee of single origin, from Colombia, Salvador and Ethiopia. 

Batavia has always been focussed on producing the best possible cold drip coffee and have done an excellent job at it. But the brand and branding suffered from too little attention, not helping to make the most of all the great business opportunities. Positivity was called in to make the brand as cool as the product.

Our redesign presents Batavia’s cold drip coffee in a refreshing cool way. Leveraging the craftsmanship of the product and its production by actually bringing the 18 hour dripping and brewing process to life on pack. Batavia’s cold drip coffee comes in three cool flavours, using a simple colour-coding system for each region of origin.

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