Modern healthcare systems face a huge challenge: how to offer better care to more people at affordable cost. Technology is an essential part of the solution. It unlocks efficiencies, improves safety and, most importantly, provides better patient outcomes. 
Althea is the result of eight leading companies with a commitment to better healthcare coming together to unlock the potential of technology. The new Althea logo reflects the healthcare alliance with 8 progressive arrows forming one new star.
Peter Economides (Felix BNI) was asked to develop a global brand strategy for this merger, including the new company name and new identity, with the goal to create the world’s leading healthcare technology management group.
He once again called upon us to develop the entire global brand identity, created in record time for the launch in Milan. The cool brand manifesto animation movie was developed with Amsterdam based animation studio PlusOne.
Althea is the Latin written form of the ancient Greek female name Althaía (Αλθαια) and derived from the Greek word ‘althos’ meaning healing. Althea now is the world leader in integrated healthcare technology management. 
The fresh new identity strikes a fine balance between technology and healthcare. The identity uses a palette of blues and greens, balanced with lots of clinical white, and supported by strong graphics, infographics and iconography that signify the coming together of global industry leaders.

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