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Aldiana is one of Europe’s leading club resort brands. Having opened their first facility in 1973, this German established player has a strong heritage in premium club holidays.
Now with 10 clubs in 6 countries, Aldiana has an enviable reputation for combining excellent locations, with great sport and wellness facilities and award-winning food.
Bob van der Lee (Brand Catalyst) was appointed to raise their global marketing game and Bob called upon Positivity to rebrand all club resorts so that the brand lives up to the premium 360 experience that Aldiana is reknown for.
Together we rebranded the entire club resort offer, starting from the corporate brand and working our way through each resort, including the branding and sub-branding of all activities, like their marvellous wellness offer and their professional childcare represented through the Aldiana Flosse kids brand. By designing every single brand touchpoint, Aldiana became the most extensive branding project we have done so far.

A key challenge


One of the key challenges for the resort branding was to a create strong, unifying brand palette that works across both Beach Resorts and Alpine ResortsAdditionally, within these two palettes, each resort also needs to be able to express its own unique local personality.
Through a sensible system of various textures, guests experience the unique local flavour whether visiting resorts in Greece, Italy, Austria, Spain, Tunisia or Cyprus.

Aldiana Beach Clubs Palette


Using the colour sand in the logo, the beach clubs have a palette that leverages aqua throughout, brightened with bright tropical accents.

Aldiana Alpine Clubs Palette


Complementing the Beach palette, the Alpine resorts have a fresh green in the logo, with a cooler alpine green in most applications. The secondary palette is common to the beach clubs, creating unity across the brand.

Aldiana sub-brands


Another exciting challenge was to rebrand all key resort activities and sub-activities, each requiring their own personality, whilst reinforcing the Aldiana master brand.
Aldiana’s wellness offer Welldiana, as well as all kids activities under the Flosse Kids brand, are two prime examples of sub-branding.

Guiding the identity


Lastly, to facilitate a strong and consistent implementation of this newly reinvigorated premium resort brand, elaborate brand guidelines were developed and published through the Aldiana global brand portal.
Having worked on every single touchpoint of this wonderful brand, creating comprehensive guidelines were just a matter of clearly defining the rules we’d developed, making further brand implementation simple and consistent.

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