Affiliate marketing is a cutting edge industry where tech geniuses generate amazing marketing results. 
In this industry, one organisation stands out. Advidi, a groundbreaking global performance marketing network, based in Amsterdam. An outspoken, confident and fun organisation that puts people before profits.
Our task was to create an ambitious new and human identity that reflects the incredible feats these affiliates make every day. Achievements that are only possible when surrounded by the support and expertise of the Advidi team.
It was this thinking that lead us to the concept of ‘Making Performance Marketing Heroes’.
The identity is truly unique.
Based on a triangle that unites Advidi with its Affiliates and Advertiser (clients), it is a pioneering logo that is entirely created by an algorithm – always changing and adapting it’s visual expression. The logo reflects the constantly adaptive nature of this performance-based industry – driven by data, continually evolving.
From here we created the support graphics surrounding the heroes and the rest of this amazing identity.
Our friends at Ronin Amsterdam created the algorithm that powers the logo, including a user interface that allows unique interaction with this hypnotising phenomenon. Constantly changing, it is a living logo that’s unique at every user touchpoint. Incredible stuff.
Our buddies at Kaaps in Rotterdam took on the challenge to scene and shoot the brand video, while the photography work was done by our mate Marquis Palmer.

The implementation across the identity was seamlessly coordinated by Oy, who partnered with us once again to fast-track the project in record time.

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