Café-bistro Publiek unites the cooking pleasure of a French bistro with the “gezelligheid” of a Dutch café.

Attracted by our work for and success of Brouwerij ’t IJ, French owner Ben Plassard knocked on our door to see if we were interested in branding a cool new restaurant in Amsterdam.

It actually lead to a partnership in which Positivity takes care of the marketing, branding and communication of Publiek. Publiek – Dutch for public/audience, wants to make great food and service accessible to a broad audience. With an average review of 9,4, guests of Publiek definitely seem to value exactly that.

With a big sunny terrace on the Ringvaart in Amsterdam Oostpoort, the red-step-logo idea is derived from the 2 steps down to the terrace on the Ringvaart.

It started the development of a very groovy, friendly and warm identity, with lots of cool posters created by our Italian designer Francesco.

Positivity also got involved in decorating and styling the place, which was just as fun to do as the identity itself. All in all, Amsterdam has a fabulous new wining and dining spot.

If you want to experience what Publiek is all about then ride your bike Dutch-style to the Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 69 in Oostpoort. Enjoy!

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